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If Not Now When

I do alot of "talking." Some would have different ideas on this statement. Those who know me well, would likely agree. I "talk" about all I want to do, to change, to achieve. A new idea, a new goal, a new area of interest. I talk about all the decisions I want, or need to make...and should I do this, or that, and is it better to go this way or that way. Yes, indeed, I have rambled on for quite some time now... My mind is an unattended zoo and I am the monkey swinging from tree to tree.

When it comes right down to the barebones of it: I need more discipline. Self-discipline. I say no more of this half-starting, half-finishing, half-living that I do so well. No more humming and hawing. I've had enough of myself.

Maybe, subconsciously this all started the other day I watched Karate Kid... the seemingly pointless & laborious chores beginning Daniel's lessons with Mr. Miyagi which led to the desired outcome of winning the championship, beating his enemies and ultimately finding himself in the process. Eventually. He had to shine the cars and paint both sides of the fence first.

I have noticed myself wanting to do something, picturing the results I want to get out of it, planning... but "not really" wanting to put in the effort required to achieve these results...the end goal...the desired outcome.

Like wanting to work out in the mornings... I set my alarm early enough for a run pretty much every night. Morning comes, the alarm goes off and I convince myself not to go because it's warmer under the covers, or I'm still tired or it's dark outside or "I'll go after work." It's this constant battle with myself to not do something that I actually want to do.

I become lazy, distracted, uninterested and start making excuses or doing other things. Even worse, when it comes to decisions, I am giving into emotions like fear... fear of the change, the unknown... fear of making mistakes, messing up... fear of doing it wrong or not being good enough. Feeling rather than thinking realistically. So many things left unfinished. Long lists of "to-dos." Loose ends.

Such a simple "achieve" one must "do", but it requires great effort and determination... and consistently great effort and determination.

When it suits me, I can put in the effort. What I need to do, is get over this "when it suits me" bit. Self-discipline means sacrifice. Sacrificing what may be more desirable at the time and doing what's difficult but brings the most satisfaction in the end. Sacrificing what you feel for what you think. What you feel in one moment for what you think about your life...what do you want, what's important... what matters most.

I want less random and more routine. Less doing it tomorrow and more today. Less later and more now. Though I'm not entirely sure of what I really want these days, I do know that I want to finish what I start... and get off the fence.

Wishing For Rain As I Stand In The Desert

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