Saturday, May 30, 2009

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Through The Looking Glass

You know, I have to say - having an office like this would pretty much make my entire working career. Nothing beats being in the middle of nature on a clear day, even if you are "working"....

You'd really need to ♥ and get along with your colleagues...

It's bright, it's clean, it's uber-modern... the exotic colours would make me want to sip margaritas (Starbucks when the boss is looking. Oh wait, the boss is drinking margaritas too!) and listen to Marley or Bedouin Soundclash on my iPod all day. I'd definitely have a Mac.

Maybe it really, really appeals to me because my current office is.... well, not that. In fact, it's pretty much polar opposite. Grey walls. Fluorescent lighting. A window that looks out into a beautiful and scenic...hallway. Now that I recall, I did wet wipe my desk today, so I suppose it's clean-er. That's gotta count for something. Right?! Not that I'm a disgruntled employee or anything like THAT, but when you happen to cross paths with something like THIS...

I guess for now, I'll have to use my ever-expanding imagination, and just visualize my fluorescent grey office lemon-lime with little birds serenading me in the background....

See more of the Office Selgas Cano (in Spain) and other architectural photos by Iwan Baan

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What Else Does The Bible Say, Je-Suz?

I was reading an article about Prop 8, and yesterday's court ruling...I know, I know - I'm Canadian, but it's a big world out there y'all. Besides, it's a planetwide issue. Think Canada's bill C-38. Lucky for some, that was on the opposite end of the spectrum. Anyways, it reminded me of this funny lil performance:

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere...
Martin Luther King, Letter from Birmingham Jail, 1963

Monday, May 25, 2009

Ebbs & Flows

Why do we feel the need to justify ourselves to others with some elaborate reason or excuse for not doing something, for the plain and simple reason of not wanting to do it?

Today was just another example of this ridiculous and tiring notion. This time, however, I did not cave. I said a simple No. (Gasp!) When asked why, despite the fact that my stomach was gnawing at my ribcage, skeletal sinews strewn about, promising to glue my ribs back together upon giving in just one more time, I replied plainly and simply: I just don’t want to.

For me, these words are huge. Hugely satisfying, freeing, shiny new. Despite all my people-pleasin’ habits, I knew I still had it in me. I just had to dig deeper to find it, grab it and yank it up out of the dusty pit of my soul and spit the sucker out.

Everyone’s different. It’s not some strange and newfangled idea. We all have our wants and needs and shouldn’t need to justify them to anyone. We shouldn’t have to make up some lame excuse and lie to each other’s faces because we don’t have the guts to stand up for what we really want. We shouldn’t have to worry about offending each other. Walking around on eggshells just isn’t foot-friendly. We don’t need to make assumptions and hallucinate absurd scenarios. We don’t need to feel guilt or fear or be judged and belittled or be written up in some little black book, because seriously now, who really cares?

Whether you’re with the tide, or against it: the wave is yours to ride...

“Be who you are, and say what you feel… because those who mind, don’t matter. And those who matter, don’t mind…” ~ Dr. Seuss

Monday, May 11, 2009

Filthy Rats

Spiders. You know, I really don't mind them. In fact, I could watch one for hours and hours spinning a beautiful filigree of silk or the flawless slaughter of an unsuspecting morsel. Just stay the hell out of my house and don't you try and get fresh with me. Seriously. If you do, I'm going to atomize the life out of you.

Today was the little buggers day. He wasn't anywhere near me. I just happened to see him while taking out the catbox. I'm not sure what he was doing hangin' around in there, but okay. Everyone has their quirks.

Happened to see him, yeah, what I meant, was he was soooooo unbelievably colossal that I thought for a split second he was actually a rat. I exagerate, I know. But still. Bigger than I've ever, EVER seen in my lifetime. And in my house. Freaky. I couldn't even bring myself to zoom in on him with my camera lens because surely he would jump up and bite my mug off.

"He would never actually bite me"... YEAH. RIGHT. (He sure looks like he's gonna). "It's not poisonous"... UM. REALLY. (Whatever you say). Just stay the hell out of my house, build your web above the door and we can be friends.

All I can say, is I am praisin' Jebus you didn't have your Afghani cousin with you...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Oh Look, Summer's Here

And last year’s capris are a wee bit snug! Hmmmmm… Two options. No wait, three: either 1) Wear them 2) Buy some or 3) Lose the extra baggage. I'm doing myself a favour for once and choosing door number three.

I know it is going to be a battle, it always is…what else is new right? But I want to be on the winning side this time. I am going to be. I am going to fit those capris and soon. Not only that, I am going to fit the other lost and forgotten dusty items in my closet… Even if I have to tape them to the wall and stare at them all day as constant reminders. Wouldn’t that be nice décor for my office!

My current diet habits are not working. I have known this for a long time, just chose not to fight those temptations… Last week, while on a walk with a lovely friend, she inspired me to just take some small steps, you know, find a few things here and there to improve on…don’t just change everything altogether all at once, because historically speaking, that definitely does not work (trust me, i've tried that one too) and life is meant to be enjoyed!

I did go to Starbucks yesterday morning and I thoroughly enjoyed my no whip grande iced mocha that, despite my obviously very firm and demanding request, did actually come with a pile of creamy and delicious whip on top, oh well might as well…… succumb.

Later on, in light of the Capri incident, I found myself on Starbucks perusing it’s highly frightening "nutritional" page…. Yikes is what I said. What I did, was fall off my chair.

Mr. Wonderful no whip, whipped right up grande iced mocha is not so wonderful after all. His hidden agenda boasts a whopping 330 calories, 19g of fat, 10g of saturated fat, 0.5g trans fat, 28g sugar…..well you get the point…not good. Not good at all…I did know this, sort of, kind of, in a know secretly but not admit it to yourself kind of way…Too bad because I’m really going to miss you Mr. Ex-Wonderful…You’ll move on, I know, some other sucka will fall madly in love and commit her whole self to you not knowing your true intentions…

However, some habits are hard to break, and since life is meant to be enjoyed (you've just gotta have it some days) – I have found a way to still have Mr. Wonderful on the side, when I want him. Just more of a quickie here and there: a tall, skim milk, no whipped cream iced mocha…. And in case you were wondering, it’s only 130 calories, 2g fat, 7g protein, 27g carbs, 1g fibre, 20g sugars and no saturated or trans fat. Yippeeeee!

With small changes like these, I’ll have an apple bottom in no time.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Concrete Bliss

It’s time for a road trip.

Time to get away...

exit life, for a while.


I want to just wake up, pack up and go. Drive. All day. All night. Sunrise. Sunset. Somewhere. Anywhere. Nowhere. Alone...Alive....

I want to see skies blue for miles and miles and feel sweltering heat intensified through the windshield while the wind teases my sticky skin.

I want to drive that open road and not knowing where it leads, only that it leads me…

Wherever I want to go…

Monday, May 4, 2009

Mail Order

Last time I checked, it’s 2009 lady, so I am wondering why you let your so-called-husband control you and your life like that? I mean, you enter the building elbow-led like a child being dragged to the principal’s office and when you reach my vicinity, he is the one who pipes up and tells me your story and what you need?

Now I understand, English might not be your strongpoint, I get that, really I do, but I am confused. Shouldn’t he be there to support and encourage you? Shouldn’t he be the one maybe throwing you a word here or there as you at least try and explain yourself?

Stumble through it girl, I know you can do it and I would rather sit there for an hour and hear you and your scattered words, than some oppressive dictator’s word vomit.

I see the sadness in your eyes, your face, and your body language. I see what he has done to you and the life he’s stole from you. I see the way you light up when someone looks at you, and asks you the questions and allows you to take part in your life (Even when your so-called-husband still tries to cut in).

I don't understand why you are allowing this to happen, and chances are, I never will... but I do hope for your sake it is only a matter of time until you realize that you have everything you need within you to stand up and do what you have wanted to do for so long: leave the creeper and take back what’s yours. This is 2009. This is Canada. This is your life. So what are you waiting for?