Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Lunacy of Clowns

"The images that mobilize conscience are always linked to a given historical situation. The more general they are, the less likely they are to be effective."
~ Susan Sontag

Erwin Olaf is a Dutch photographer who mixes photojournalism, studio photography and CGI (computer generated imagery). Bizarre. Controversial. Symbolic. Imaginative. I'd like him to teach me a thing or two on photography.

Self Portrait (I Wish. I Am. I Will Be.)

The Royal Blood series are simple white on white, and depict various aristocrats who have suffered untimely deaths... Diana's mercedes, Marie Antoinette's decapitation, Elisabeth of Bavaria's bleeding heart (minus the corset).

'All dressed up and no place to go'... His New York Couture features a different fashion designer in each shot, each model blending or bleeding into the background. Lacroix is below.

Olaf's interview

Paradise the Club is a bunch of clowns in their lunacy. Frankly, I think clowns are freaks. I mean, seriously:


However, I do like what Olaf has done in these shots. It's a big colourful collage of fetish. So if clowns are your thing, you might like this one.

A little taste from other groupings:

Chessman XXXII (Chessmen series)

Chanel (Fashion Victims series)

Cindy C. 75 (Mature series)

Check out his website for more in these series and the rest of his work... Or just watch the vid:


Mantramine said...

Love them all, but love the chessman series the best. thanks for broadening my horizons...

Esther said...

That's a brilliant photography. Will check out his website too. Keep writing. :)

Jen said...

Wow...those are cool photos! I love the self-portraits!

Dave "Loose Cannon" Wills said...

As a fellow photographer, I do like these portfolios a lot. Very creative...