Monday, October 19, 2009

Up to you

Steve Earle has some great songs. I've been listening to this one in particular as of late: It's all up to you. The lyrics really hit home when I first heard it. Bikkja does an amazing cover of the song. I was delighted to find it while looking for the original by Earle. I actually like her version better as it's softer, more melodic... haunting. Have a listen:

No matter which way the wind blows
It's always cold when you're alone
Ain't no candle in the window
You've got to find your own way home
Now the rain ain't gonna hurt you
It's come to wash away your blues
It's all up to you

No body said it would be easy
But it don't have to be this hard
If you're lookin' for a reason
Just stand right where you are
Now there ain't no one out to get you
They've got to walk in their own shoes

It's all up to you
It's all up to you
No one else can get you through
Right or wrong, win or lose
It's all up to you

You can stand out on that highway
Look as far as you can see
But when you get to that horizon
There's always someplace else to be
But don't you stop to look behind you
'Cause you've got some travelin' left to do
It's all up to you

The message is nothing new, but the reminder is always welcomed. It's so easy to forget...especially when difficult situations arise or people are their usual jovial selves (tongue in cheek). But it's true.

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