Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Dinners Make The World Go Round

The warm rich aroma wafts through my nose as the Spanakopita cools, prompting me to pour myself a glass of red wine and sip on some anticipation. I am exploring the world Sunday nights in an attempt to bring home, home. Sunday dinner's at mom's... cooking together, sharing a meal and family-somewhat-togetherness, is something I have been missing. It started last weekend in Thailand... a green curry coconut dish with chicken, sweet potato, kaffir and jasmine rice...recipe compliments of the French artist I know who cracked Gabriel's secret code. Tonight, is Greece.... with the Spanakopita and Horiatiki Salata...aka Greek Salad. I didn't have time for Baklava. And I aspire to make it to every country. One big global culinary experiment. I love ethnic food, I really love cooking and I really really want you to come over for dinner because I have way too much Greek food over here...OPA!!!

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