Sunday, August 23, 2009

High Fashion Crime Scene

"Employing the power of fashion to disguise or distract,
or to draw our attention away from the otherwise gruesome subjects..."

Half Prada


Oscar's Grass

Melanie Pullen's High Fashion Crime Scenes are undoubtedly unique. I find them fascinating. At the same time, I feel like I almost shouldn't be looking. They incite multiple feelings and emotions in me...and leave a strange taste behind. Beautifully frightening. The ones above are my favourites.

I have a certain appreciation for artists who are not afraid to take risks. To explore the more controversial or 'taboo' subjects. To creatively use their art as a means of portraying a deeper message. Even if what you or I get out of it is completely different than the artist's intent, the message is still out there. Somewhere. Opening doors for discussion, debate, acceptance, understanding.

I like the concept of interpretation. I like the conclusions different people draw out. The variations. We are all so different. Yet still the same, still equal. What means one thing, may mean another. What means nothing, may mean something. What shocks, may not shock. What is acceptable, might be unacceptable. What is beautiful, may just very well be.

You can look at any piece of 'art' and appreciate it, but the question is does it impact or change you? Does it cause you to think? More importantly, feel? I like to know that I am not just coasting through this busy life, numb to it all, unemotionally stuck. Which is why I like her work.


EverydayArt said...

These are really fascinating photographs!! I really love it - it's so daring and "forbidden", that's probably why it's so mezmerising... I would love to see more from this artist!

Anonymous said...

there is another artint, her work is similar, but i dont know her name