Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Underwire Fell Out, Again! #&@*!

When I'm angry, I clean like a 1950s housewife. I don't know what it is but there's something therapeutic about scrubbing a bathtub or washing the wall or throwing all my belongings out, while blaring music such as Basement Jaxx, or the likes thereof.

Everything must go.

Everything that's been sitting in drawers, on hangers, collecting dust and taking up space.

I don't fit the wee sparkling dress I wore for Halloween back in '98. What was it now... a dancer from Electric Circus with my partner in crime CJ where I played bass in the basement, danced in the living room and I think I even barfed on the front street and had to be held up and put into the automobile. Fun times. Yeah, that dress should have been sent to goodwill years ago but I'm having a hard time parting with it, only because it makes me laugh. Obviously, at myself.

Gone is all the bathroom junk. The chemicals and parabens that I long ago stopped using, but for some reason kept under the sink. I did decide to keep the Lunapads my sister gave me. Yes, they make those. And no, I've just never been able to go there. But one can always hope for a greener future. Right.

Gone are EVERY pair of holy socks (sorry God) I ever owned and suckered myself into wearing the odd time. I mean, what the hell woman! Let's just face it, there is no time to sit around darning those socks.

Gone are old bras and I've got a serious bone to pick with the inventor of the underwired bra, or whomever is making these half-assed contraptions. Why is it that these underwires eventually find their way out of the bra and into the washer? Is it just me? This is discusting! A perfectly good and sexy bra winds up suffering this fate only to end up stuffed into the bottom of a drawer never to be seen or worn again. I had thirteen in there. THIRTEEN!

And of course, the lie I told myself: I will get around to sewing them back in one of these days. This has got to stop. First of all, the list of things to do "one of these days" keeps growing, along with the list of "shoulds"...and well screw that vocabulary, and all those lists. And secondly, I don't fit that bra I wore in grade 10. In fact, my boobs are so much bigger now.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.


Why do we keep all this "stuff"?


Kate said...

I don't think I've ever had an underwire come out of a bra. Maybe your washing machine is a bit too brutal for them!

Kate x

Anonymous said...

A wise woman told me there are no 'should's' - The question is: 'You are or you're not (going to)?'. I was going to use the classic 'do or do not - there is no try'; but the (over)use of it causes us to be numb to the true meaning of the statement.. That and the fact that it wasn't what the 'wise woman' said....

Trouble.Thinks said...

kate>i was thinking the same thing!

anon>i've heard that said before ;) that's why i've thrown out those lists...though it's a work in progress. can't say i've got it all together yet. very good advice, she's a wise woman your mother?

Karina said...

Underwires always come out of my bras as well, but then again, I don't treat them half as nicely as I should. After all, bras are somewhat delicate objects, but since they don't come with a "Fragile" tag on them, people think that they should withstand the evil spins of the washing machine. Or perhaps, as kate said, perhaps our washing machines are too brutal.

Also, I'm with you on going rather freakish with the cleaning supplies when I'm angry or upset about anything. However, purging - that I can do anytime! I don't live a minimalistic lifestyle - in fact, far from it, but I do hate too much clutter. I like having a place for everything, and if that something just doesn't have a spot anymore, it must go. And this is how I waste my money, because you know a month or three from now, I'll need what I just threw out. Sigh.

Chanel said...

OMG i do the same thing! When I'm mad I clean so much. And it's the only time to do a SERIOUS cleaning in one session. Usually it takes me several days. :).