Thursday, July 1, 2010

I AM. Canadian. EH!

Happy HST Day! A big shout-out to Gordon Campbell & the gov't for making our Canada Day extra memorable. Today marks the first day of our new tax: H.S.T. (Harmonized Sales Tax). Not that this is entirely new, as we've been anticipating this for months. Apparently 700,000 signatures on the 'No HST' petition means nothing to our leaders.

From this day forward, we British Columbians can look forward to paying a nice 12% tax on a whole new whack of things: restaurant bills, dry cleaning, electricity, heating, internet, home service calls by electricians, plumbers, carpenters, landscaping, lawn care, private snow removal, hotel rooms, taxis, campsites, domestic air, rail, boat and bus travel, magazines, home renos, car sales, gas, real estate commissions, massage therapy, vitamins, golfing, gym fees, sports lessons, live theatre tickets, hockey rink & hall rental fees, fitness training, haircuts, manicures, funeral services, legal fees, cigarettes, hunting/fishing licenses, investment portfolios. Yes, pretty much everything. Because we don't pay enough taxes already.

The good news? Starbucks is now offering FREE wi-fi! Maybe they feel badly about the HST hike on their lattes.

The even better news? Alcohol is going down.

And dammit, it is a day to be celebrated nonetheless!!!! Canada, our home and native land.



Allison said...

Ontario got HST today too - it's balls.

Happy Canada Day though!

I made a list of my favourite Canadians today :)

Mantramine said...

I love Joe. I don't like HST

full_of_puppy_love said...

hahaha my sister called it hst day too! i guess we are all on the same page.