Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Purple Progenitors

"We inhabit the blue planet, but our knowledge of life underneath the blue surfaces of the ocean remains surprisingly limited. In reality, investigations of marine life have just begun, and it is only now, when we can utilize custom-built research ships and the finest modern technology, that we can learn how ecosystems in the oceans are structured and function."

Living fossils found along the undersea mountain chain that divides the Atlantic ocean lengthwise:
Purple Progenitor

"One of three new species of enteropneust acorn worm discovered during the mid-Atlantic survey, the creature has no eyes, no obvious sense organs, and no brain. "This is about as primitive as you can go," team member Monty Priede said. But, he added, "they've got a head end and a tail end—the basic body plan of vertebrates." Such living fossils 'represent the first mobile animals.' "

Interesting, don't you think?
More on the MAR-ECO website.

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