Friday, October 8, 2010

Two Bare Knuckle Rights

The Oilers doused the Flames last night...4-0...first game of what looks like it could be a great season, even with a bunch of rookies!

All the more sweeter being our rival team...Take that, Calgary!


Allison said...

I felt bad for the Oilers last season - I hope they do better this season! Even though I'm a Habs fan in the East, I usually am an equal opportunity fan when it comes to Canadian teams in the West. Go Oilers!

My Habs lost last night...which pretty much sucked. I hate losing to the Leafs!

Trouble.Thinks said...

Me too! I hope a Canadian team wins Stanley this year... it's long overdue, haha.

Allison said...

Any Canadian team BUT the Leafs - I hate the Leafs and Leaf Fans are jerks.