Friday, April 2, 2010

Anarchy on the West Coast

What is up with this rainstorm?
Why did I go out?
Why did I come home?

The power was out all morning. Pretty much across town, all day. I don't like peeing in the dark. My cat went insane. I've never seen the wind blow so hard in all of my twenty nine years. It blew me across the street and into a pile of water. The ocean is alive with angry waves.

The traffic is nuts. I took the inner route to avoid the highway winds, but everyone else had the same idea. People can't drive worth shit. Everyone in town went shopping. Chapters was a zoo. Thank GOD for Starbucks in every store, not so much the lineups, but I bought a book.

Had to feel my way to the checkout in the grocery market in pitch black while everybody ran around screaming bloody murder, stuffing their pockets and knocking aisles down (ok that part didn't actually happen, but it would be fitting) I've never been in a grocery store without the glaring lights and hum of refrigeration.

I couldn't see through the windshield and hydroplaned all the way home to find the boat shed whatchamacallit had done a sommersault into the neighbour's house, was flipped right over, ripped to shreds, banging against their siding...the garbage can halfway down the street along with everything that was under the shed. All I could say was HOLY. SHIT. as I sat there in the truck stunned. It was a beautiful sight of pure destruction by the queen bee herself: Mother Bloody Nature. I called some strong men to please get the hell over here before that damn shed chisels a hole in that damn blue house and as I write they are out there in the pouring rain dismantling the flimsy giant.

My cat is under the bed licking himself dry and I, with my wet feet, will be changing my socks, making some tea, curling up under a blanket and reading my shiny new book. This rain and wind better let up or I'm not coming out.


les jeune fille à les oiseaux said...

Ah, black outs. i actually enjoy them. i enjoy lighting candles and feeling very 17th century- haha. the photo at the top is lovely.

kompoStella said...

looking for photos of B.C. that i miss too much (used to live in vancouver) i found your blog... and i stopped to tell you that
a) you've got a fine one, really like your words in the sidebar and the whole set up...
b) i only once saw a rain storm on vancouver island and was so shocked because that whole coast seemed so tranquil and serene to me, so your post title made me laugh.
i hope the lights are up and the rain has left again :-)

zachary said...

Oh i hope you're alright..
The elements are leaving us lotsa signs..
Do you notice thunders and lightnings are wayyy thunderous today as compared to the how they were in the past?