Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Swy-a-lana Lagoon

Plush white figures grace
Cerulean skies
silhouetted by hungry gulls
on the qui vive

Asian fisherwoman
beneath fushia bonnet
casts her rod delicately
while fish scatter

The Godfather theme
its sombre strain
departs violin fingers
aged like Dom Perignon

Lucy paddles in
dangling salmon her lure
gaping nostrils eat air
wondering eyes examine

Dragon boats glide
guided by rhythmic cadence
reminiscent of Viking fleets
commencing battle

Child holds melted rainbow
while frolicking magic kingdoms
ignoring sand-filled shoes and
kisses from the sun

Old friends laugh
sprawled casually
across Emerald carpets

Eccentric drunk babbles
to his bored cat
as the Hoity-Toity averts

People gather
united by curiousity
as unsuspecting Dungeness
enjoy Last Supper.

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