Sunday, November 15, 2009

Particularly Leather

I'm looking for a sofa, loveseat and big ol' comfy chair. I've been looking for a while and it's proving to be a challenge. Particularly when you're particular. There's very few things I'm actually fussy about, but this I admit is one of them. It has to be leather and when I say leather I mean the good stuff. Soft, warm, and cozy.

I want a hide with a personality. Wrinkles, stretch marks, brand marks, insect bites and run-ins with barbed wires, fence posts and raging bulls. That cow should have led a full life.

My current obsession is Restoration Hardware, they have some charming furniture. Dream with me why don't you... You might find something you like.

Lancaster sofa...

The Drake Barrelback chair...

I'm not asking for much, only that it outlasts these 18th century beauties:

(most people put these in the living room)

Some fun facts about leather:

It's the strongest upholstered material known to man & womankind.

To test if it's quality leather, lightly scratch the leather. If it scratches easily and leaves a lighter mark, it's probably the good stuff.

A sofa consists of a bunch of hides which compliment each other, but are not identical.

Quality leather does not get hot in the summer and cold in the winter. That's a myth! The pores in the leather allow it to breathe & adjust to its environment.

Over time, leather develops a "patina" - like a well-worn Baseball glove, giving it that vintage weathered look. Character. Like crows feet and laugh lines.

If you're lost for days and happen to be wearing leather shoes, put em in your mouth & suck em. The leather has nutritional value & will sustain you for a while. (It's true, I've tried it)

Leather is not just for furniture!

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Karina said...

Leather sucks up nutritional value & will sustain you for a while? Really? Interesting. I never knew that.

And, I love how particular you are, I am too, but the boyfriend just doesn't get it. I'm looking for just the right painting to go up above our bed - and if you live in a country such as Georgian, this becomes about 1.546.047 times harder.

Good luck with the sofa!