Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pregnant Women Pee 'A Lot'

The Trews, travelling all the way across the country from Antigonish, Nova Scotia (at least this is where they started out 'in the beginning'), graced us with an incredible acoustic show here in Nanaimo last night. They have a new album out, Friends & Total Strangers. Did I mention that I love musicians from the East Coast? They just breathe so much life into their lyrics & melodies. It was a thrill to hear these guys live, for sure. I hope they come back.

Unfortunately, the one song I wanted to capture (Locked Doors) was interupted half-way by the pregnant gal up the aisle who needed to get by on her trip to the loo for the tenth time! Ahhhh...C'est la vie!

Daniel Wesley opened for them. He's got some funky songs, I like his style. He hails from the little city of White Rock, BC, just across the water... We're practically neighbours. I should bake him some Nanaimo bars. The stage looked a whole lot bigger at the Port. iPods aren't very good for recording are they...

Good tune:

where will i go now
the life i knew is gone
someway and somehow
we all keep moving
on and on and on and on
tonight, tonight c'mon and
set me free from yesterday
and all it's haunted memories
but now it's closing time
and i don't wanna leave
i can't stop laughing,
i'm not even happy

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