Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fifty Bucks Poorer, But Money Well Spent

Well, shit. I've had better days. Making mistakes, "mistakes", silly mistakes, forgetting to do something yesterday.... (because I happened to be distracted by an inspiring conversation about the West Coast Trail).... that is SO RIDICULOUSLY UNIMPORTANT.... and then hearing about it first thing this morning.... followed by one problem after another after another for the rest of the morning & having the stress of other people thrust upon my inner sanctum.... and then not really getting where I wanted to on this one project....was not really much fun to be quite frank. Ten years ago, the little girl inside may have in fact walked right out of the doors, never to return again... However, that was then and this is now...I'm fairly certain I must have learned something over the years and I actually do really really reallllllly love my job and the incredible folk I am fortunate to know.

I have to learn to not take things so personally. I have to learn to eliminate those thoughts in my head... "you're a failure", "they hate you", "why can't you have all the answers", "you are not smart enough". And realize, that this is not the case. Yes, people get upset and react. Yes, sometimes people make a big deal out of the little things. But learn to deal with it. Learn to channel it into something positive... constructive criticism. If you can't solve that problem, figure out why. Figure it out, research, talk to the genius. IT'S OK. You are not an idiot because of it. You just have an area of focus now. YOU CAN DO THIS!

So on my lunch break, I decided I needed some music...I walked down to Fascinating Rhythm and found three gems, which of course I enjoyed while the afternoon wore on. The day became so much better, and it's amazing what a little bit of music, and a seawall walk with a friend can do.

She & Him Volume 1=LOVELY
(M. Ward & Zooey Deschanel)

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